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Kingston Nurseries

Updated: Mar 24

Finding a nursery for your little one can be overwhelming and time consuming! I have connected with experienced local parents to hear their views :)

Top three must do's from parents with nursery experience:

  1. Visit as many nurseries as you can and ask as many questions as you think of, it will help you best compare them.

  2. See what the opening hours are and if you can do an early drop off or later pick up. Think about the location of the nursery and your commute to home and/or work.

  3. Talk to local parents with kids who recently went there or currently going there!

Recommended nurseries within Kingston area (in no particular order)

  • 197 Early Years Nursery 'Friendly, knowledgeable and attentive staff'

  • Aspire Nursery 'The staff obviously really care about the children and my son has such a happy time there'

  • Coombe Day Nursery 'Brilliantly organised, great staff, lovely garden for playing'

  • Hummingbird Montessori 'It is exemplary! The staff are amazing, it feels like a family and they accommodate everyone and every need. It is authentic Montessori,, child lead with the most amazing outdoor space'

  • KISH Kindergarten (German/English bilingual) 'caring and respectful towards children, staff work hard to foster secure attachments with children, gentle yet boundaries approach to discipline, children spend between 1-3 hours outside including learning about the natural environment, animals, playing with mud and natural materials.' *located in Ham*

  • Park Hill Preparatory School and Nursery 'Very nice playground, children go outdoors quite often, very good teachers, local families, part of a preparatory school therefore they really care about personal development.'

  • Playbox Preschool 'It's only a 3 hour morning nursery for 2-4 year olds but we love Playbox! The class is small and the teachers are all so warm and caring. My son is very shy and they always make sure he is comfortable and dedicate time to talk to him about his favorite topic- trucks!'

More local Nurseries!

Bright Horizons- 3 Kingston locations (KT1 3DW, KT2 6HN, KT2 5BT)

Educare Small Schools- for children 3+, KT2 6DZ

Katey's Nursery & Preschool- Local locations in Kingston, Ham, Hampton Court and Teddington!

N Family Club- Just opened in summer 2023! KT2 6EY

A guide to starting Nursery from The Therapy Shed!

Zara is an Art & Play Therapist who specialists in supporting parents and children with a wide range of issues. Her advice is accessible and affordable in order to help families the best she can. Learn more about her work here!

Zara has shared a document that outlines how best to prepare your child for starting nursery!

Starting nursery
Download PDF • 3.61MB

What local nursery have you had the best experience with?

  • 0%197 Early Years

  • 0%Aspire Nursery

  • 0%Bright Horizons

  • 0%Coombe Day

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