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Pregnancy + Postnatal Classes / Support

Updated: Aug 4

There are a bunch of amazing local antenatal, fitness and social groups you can join!

Would love to hear any of your experiences on these classes in the comments below


  • Bump & Baby Club- these take place at Tiffin Sports Centre. They consist of 4 sessions, for about 3 hours each session. The cost is in between £250-260. Also, once signed up to the antenatal classes, you’ll receive free access to their pre-recorded online Hypnobirthing course, Sign up here!

  • Baby Talk - you have the choice to choose from the first time parent course, or those who are doing it again and want a refresher. First time course consists of 6, hour long sessions and the two post-partum sessions once baby has arrived in a local pub for £229. The refresher course consists of 3 sessions, an hour each for £109. Sign up here!

  • NCT Antenatal course- you have the choice to choose from the first time parent course, or those who are doing it again and want a refresher. First time course consists of 6, three hour long sessions with a postnatal reunion session after baby is born. The price is £369 or the refresher course £166 . Sign up here!

Maternity Wear

  • Have an event to go and need a dress but prefer not to buy one? John Lewis offers a very affordable Designer Maternity Women's Rental service! Check it out here!

Pre / Post Fitness

  • Yoga Makes Me Smile- an experienced prenatal yoga teacher and mum of two who offers a weekly class at her home in KT1, focused on birth prep and easing pregnancy symptoms!

  • DPK Holistic Therapy- a reflexologist and pre/post natal PT have teamed up create unique workshops/workout classes empowering parents to support their little ones with workouts, massages and reflexology!

  • Buzzy Lizzy- offer a wide range of fitness classes including pilates, yoga and aerobics type classes held at Kingston Quaker Centre, or at the field across.

  • Katy's Fitness- offers a wide range of classes for pregnancy and postnatal!

  • Caroline Bragg- Prenatal / Postnatal pilates, hosted at Yoga Breathworks on Canbury Park Road, £12

  • Happy Fit Mums- Offers buggyfit and HIT and personal training classes. Various locations in Surbiton

  • EnerJess Fitness- Offers personal or buddy training at a location of your choosing.

  • Movewell by Jessica- Offers personal or group training, as well as a FREE bootcamp at Bushy Park every Tuesday at 9:45am

Pelvic Floor / Physiotherapy support

La Femme Physio- Pregnancy and postnatal physiotherapy in South West London!

Two clinic options, one in Kingston and another in Hampton Wick, Claire also offers mobile options.

Postpartum Plan- Created by a local mum, this company brings you exclusive access to a team of professional experts that all postpartum parents should have access to; physio, doula, nutritionist, breath-work, yoga, pilates, emotional health therapist, GP and so much more. £30 a month... but if you Use the code: KINGSTONKIDS25 you get 25% off your subscription!

& More!

Jessie K Wellness

A women's wellness coach who offers 1:1 breastfeeding support, wellness sessions, and pre and post-natal packages

Returning to Work after Maternity Leave | Baby Talk Thursday 21 November, 11.00

Canbury Arms, Kingston

Manisha Vithani, Parent Coach will be joining us to talk about:

- The transition from employee to mum

- Reflecting back on your experiences of leaving for maternity leave

- The transition back to work

- What you want from life as a working parent

- The realities of being a working parent

- What you can and can’t control and how to manage the challenges together --- Practical tips and advice to support your transition back to work

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