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Kingston Mum's Book Club

Updated: 4 days ago

Join the new Kingston Mum's Book Club (about 50+ mums have joined already!)

This is an informal, social book club that will meet bi-monthly! We choose the next book by picking out of a hat with everyones recommendation- so everyone gets a chance to read something of their own interest. Don't worry if you're a slow reader or barely have time to read, or like me always fall asleep as soon as I pick up the book! It's a great chance to meet new faces and chat about books + life!

*you don't have to be a parent or live in the Kingston area to join, anyone is welcome!

Interested in joining? Send an email to or DM on instagram @hellokingstonkids and you will be added to the whatsapp group!

Winter Book 2024: Valley of the Dolls

Autumn Book 2023: Never Lie

thanks to Kajal for choosing!

Summer Book 2023: Malibu Rising

thanks to Penny for choosing!

Early Summer Book 2023: The Paper Palace

thanks to Kay for choosing!

April's Book: My Brilliant Friend

thanks to Cate for choosing!

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